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Being extremely fair skinned and frustrated that I couldn't get a natural looking spray tan anywhere, and everywhere I went I was either blotchy or streaky, I decided to do something about it. I searched for the perfect solution and finally found a spray tan that not only was natural, brown and left you looking organically sun kissed, it was made with all natural and organic ingredients, and is packed with vitamins and anti aging properties, so it is actually beneficial to your skin. It also doesn't smell like tanning solution either. I was trained, got certified and started spray tanning my friends, and they were so pleased, they started referring their friends. And their friends referred their friends and before I knew it LA Organic Tanning was born. I now have a fantastic crew and enjoy a perfect and natural spray tan anytime!

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Mobile Full-Body Spray Tanning

A finished tan only takes about 15 minutes and just 1 session gives you a natural-looking, brown tan that stays with you for 7 to 10 days.

Our tanning solutions are not tested on animals and contain natural and organic ingredients that not only give you a beautiful, brown glow, but are also moisturizing, skin firming and anti-oxidant filled. All products are fast drying, fragrance free and long lasting.

Our tanning solutions contain:

Certified organic DHA for a bronzing glow
Certified organic aloe vera extract for moisturizing
Vitamin E as an anti-oxidant
Nutrient rich botanicals for collagen support

Tanning Products

We use an award-winning tanning solution that is the first choice for Hollywood superstars. Now you have access to this amazing product.

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5 Star Review in Allure Magazine, click here.
Voted Top 6 for Eco-Conscious Spa in L.A., click here.
Rated Best in L.A. by CBS, click here.
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5 Star Rating in Allure Magazine

Voted Top 6 for Eco-Conscious Spa in L.A.